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Originally Posted by devilball View Post
The gig was mostly played by the current band. Joe came on for DVN & Allen played on In Thee. The originals only played together on the last 4 songs. Cities On Flame was supposed to be a 5th, but was cut due to time constraints.
The gig was promoted as 'a special' due to the band being 40 years old & a big package of remasters being released. It was rescheduled from earlier in the week because of hurricane Sandy. This was (!) somewhat lucky as it enabled the Bouchards to come and play as they were unavailable for the original date. They only had time to rehearse the 5 songs mentioned.........
I've seen BOC five times now and all I can say is good riddance to Cities on Flame. It brings any momentum they have during a set to a screeching halt, and they always do a lameass "Rock! And roll!" back and forth thing with the crowd during it.

The fact that this was only a mini-reunion probably means that this is just a one off, but I would kill to see Albert do some justice to Don't Fear the Reaper's drum part. The young guy they have on drums right now just doesn't do the job well, especially considering what a badass drummer Albert is. Seeing the original lineup play The Red and the Black must has been sick as hell too. From what I remembered, Allen originally retired because he doesn't like touring and I think Albert and Joe just weren't interested in reuniting. Unlike a lot of bands, I think the dudes in BOC generally got along pretty well even with all the lineup changes.

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