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To quickly jump off the couple big topics here... I'd like to bring up the CM Punk vs John Cena match where Punk won the title and no one knew if he was coming back or not.

THAT MATCH WAS TERRIBLE. Ok, the idea of it was amazing. No one really knew if Punk would return to the WWE the following night, and when he ran out of the arena through the crowd, that made it even more enjoyable, but the match sucked.

Cena has no in ring skill. I need to rewatch it, but wasn't Cena just on the ground the entire time? It was such a snooze fest. I felt so bad for CM Punk, he has talent, he has tons of in ring skill, and he had to carry John Cena through the match. So many laying moments, so many "ok... now what?" moments. There was practically nothing entertaining in that match, other than the uncertainty of who would walk out with the title around the waist.

Ok... had to vent, continue
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