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Originally Posted by treghet View Post
Their sets are mostly material from the past decade. They usually only play a couple old songs, Allfǫğr Oğinn and Jotunblod. Get the Hordanes Land EP and the first two albums.
Agreed, Frost, Blodhem and Eld (except the first song) aren't that good and they never play anything from them anyway. They focus on Isa onward live, which is fine because it's their best material.

I'd imagine live they'll play three from RIITIIR, maybe two from the last, one from Ruun, Isa and Vertebra each (probably Fusion of Sense and Earth, Isa and Ground), that crappy Led Zeppelin cover, one or two from the albums Frost trough Below the Lights and Slaget from the first EP.

That's another reason I'm not to upset about not going, their setlists have gotten really predictable.

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