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Aspid - Extravasation

Here's another great album in the progressive/technical thrash realm. It's almost like a German version of Sadus, or maybe what Kreator would sound like if they pursued a more technical sound. The songs tend to revolve around winding, jarring time signature, built on top of tons and tons of those things we all love: riffs. The songs are built around complex webs of riffing, and yet it never feels like they just threw the riffs together just to have a lot of riffs. Most of them are actually very catchy and headbang worthy, and are coupled with plenty of shredding, wailing solos. Another thing to note is the incredible skill of their bass player, which explains the Sadus comparison. This guy's playing is very audible throughout the whole record, boobing and weaving in between the riff assault and giving this album sort of a bouncy feel.

If you're into tech-thrash in the vein of Vektor or Sadus, you will find much to enjoy in this album.

Where the Night
Intro/It Came
Give Me (Play for A Ballet)
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