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Originally Posted by scouinci View Post
I talked to Phil about playing songs from behind silence and solitude once again. He said he would love to because those songs are very special to him but whenever they play something from behind silence or this darkened heart crowds supposedly just stare at the band with a "wtf are they playing look on their faces" sad
That's the same argument that Anders of In Flames uses not to sing old songs. They should have some consideration for the old school fan portion of the crowds, even if it's minoritary.

Originally Posted by W0unds View Post
First time I listened to For We Are Many I let my hopes get built up by the opening track "Now Let Them Tremble..." thinking the entire album was going to have a heavier tone to it than Overcome. Man was I disappointed.
Yeah, I got the exact same feeling when my friend played it in his car two years ago.
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