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Dormant - Beneath the Mighty Oak

Here's an album for all you atmospheric black/folk metal lovers out there. This album is a true display of dark, twisted, disturbing dissonance. One thing that I think is really cool about this album is that it gets even more creepy and fucked up as the album goes on. It begins with calm, soothing acoustic guitars, and begins morphing into a FAR more sinister beast. Everything just seems to creep up on you and throws you into a spiraling, nightmarish abyss. In between all of these frightening surges of dissonance, however, are some more gloomy, moody sections that almost feel like a calm between the storm. These calm sections seem to recall Agalloch, but Dormant present their style in a much more chaotic and dissonant fashion, almost like Gorguts did with Obscura, only Dormant do it through atmospheric black/folk metal rather than technical death metal. All of this ties together to create an insane, off-kilter work that stands out in their style of metal.

This album is definitely something that you will have to experience for yourself. Recommended for those of you who enjoy dark, disturbing, atmospheric black or folk metal.

Black Ashes
Ever More Darkening Earth
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