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Originally Posted by Xenocide View Post
To the best of my knowledge they're still in the running. Makes sense to me.
The only talks of headliners I have heard is that Deftones were offered a spot on Mayhem Fest and that Roadrunner Records were trying to get Zombie on a high profile tour like Mayhem/Uproar to promote his new album. Its very possible that 2 other bands will headline. I think A7X, Korn, 5FDP, Alice In Chains were likely in the running too. It shouldn't be long until there is info leaked about who the headliners are.

It should be noted that Kevin Lyman said the dates/cities will be revealed in early December which sounds like there won't be a presale this year. That makes me think that they don't want presale buyers bitching after the line up is announced which means there are probably a bunch of repeat bands this year.
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