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Lethargy - It's Hard to Write With a Little Hand

It's kinda surprising to me how underrated this band is, considering how most of the band members are now in much bigger bands. Erik Burke now plays guitar for Brutal Truth, as well as starting Sulaco, and i'm sure most of you are familiar with Brann Dailor and Bill Kelliher of Today Is the Day and Mastodon fame.

This album is quite a different beast from any of their present bands. This album is actually a unique fusion of early progressive/technical death metal in the vein of bands like Atheist and Death, and an early form of mathcore (a genre that was just being born at this time). The vocal style is a hardcore style bark, almost resembling Troy Sanders (funny since Mastodon was pretty much born from this band). The guitars fluctuate between proggy noodling, crunchy death metal riffs, and dissonant mathy chords, creating a frantic, chaotic, noisy assault on your ears, and yet it's all presented in a structured, memorable format. The lack of any sort of lead guitar is a bit disappointing, but it doesn't detract from the sound at all. For those of you who think Brann Dailor's legendary drumming began at Mastodon, you're about to be in for a pleasant surprise. Brann's technical, fill-heavy style of drumming is showcased just as frequently here as it is with Mastodon. With the style that is being displayed here however, Brann is able to flesh out a bit more.

If you love Mastodon or any form of progressive/tech metal, you should definitely give this a listen.

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