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Blue Oyster Cult -- New York, NY -- November 5th, 2012

An Evening With Blue Oyster Cult
Best Buy Theater
New York City, NY USA

This show featured all original members. I can only hope it was recorded and will be released on cd/DVD some day.

Eric Bloom - guitars, vocals
Buck Dharma - guitars, vocals
Allen Lanier - keyboards, guitars, vocals
Joe Bouchard - bass, vocals
Albert Bouchard - drums, vocals

SET 1:
This Ain't The Summer Of Love
Golden Age Of Leather
Burning For You
Harvest Moon
ME 262
Then Came The Last Days Of May
Lips In The Hills
Shooting Shark
I Love The Night

SET 2:
Harvester Of Eyes (acoustic)
Astronomy (acoustic)
Gil Blanco County (acoustic)
Death Valley Nights (acoustic)
In Thee (acoustic)
Summa Cum Laude
Arthur Comics
Black Blade
OD'd on Life Itself
Career Of Evil
The Red & The Black
(Don't Fear) The Reaper
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