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Originally Posted by gilpdawg View Post
Well, you have to be realistic. This is a shed tour, so they have to at least have a couple of big names that can fill sheds. There just aren't that many of those bands out there...and some of them are too big for something like this, like Metallica would never play Mayhem. Maiden would never play Mayhem. There's only, like, 20 or so bands that realistically can headline this thing, and of those 20 you have to find 2 or 3 willing to do it at a given time. Hard to do.
this, and meanwhile names like Anthrax, Motorhead, Megadeth, etc who arent big enough to headline get a crack

previous years had a decent mix of new bands and established names on the side stages(I mean from year one who had bills loaded with bands that had already been around awhile-Ozzfest could afford newer bands because they always had Ozzy and one or two other arena names so they could pad the lineup with virtually anyone) they do need to drop the Sumerian stage though
Lamb of God/Anthrax
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