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Not only same old bands, same bands that your together!!! I am glad I decided to skip out on the LoG tour now Mayhem has recycled the Manson/Slayer tour and now the LoG/InF/H8breed tour.

When comparing this tour to Ozzfest, it is not much of a contest. Ozzfest broke out lots of bands to them masses, from the core bands to the swedish bands to Dimmu Borgir to Nu Metal. They had almost every major act tour their festival.

Mayhem is using the same 6 bands to headline it seems like and the same 6 b level bands to play the main stage or headline/rotate on the small stage. And the only new band they have helped out is 5FDP.

I'm really inclined to agree with Manks now. Unless they get some new headline acts. Deftones would be great, Rob Zombie not so much.
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