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Soulscar - Character Assassination

Not expecting to win many of you over with this one, but here goes.

Canada is usually known for producing death metal of the technical variety, not melodic death metal, which is why I was shocked to find that Soulscar hailed from Canada. This is basically a really catchy Gothenburg style melodic death metal album. There's nothing really unique to be found here, but there's so many goddamn catchy riffs, memorable hooks, and headbanging moments that you really can't help but keep listening. The songs are pretty stripped down and straightforward in their structure, relying on the melodic riffs and leadwork. There's also plenty of tasty, melodic solos to be found as well. Nothing overly technical, but they fit very well into the songs. The drums basically stick to playing simple beats and following the guitars. It may sound pedestrian, but this album is fucking CATCHY, and is very difficult to put down.

Whether you like this album or not will basically depend on how you feel about melodic death metal. If you like that or even melodic metalcore, you will probably enjoy this record. If you don't like melodic death metal, then this album probably won't convert you. Personally, I think it's a great album, and you should give it a shot.

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