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Darkness Eternal - Misanthropic Annihilation

Like evil, blasphemous death metal with black metal influences? Darkness Eternal will be right up your alley.

Darkness Eternal is the one man project of ex-The Chasm member George Velaetis. Darkness Eternal are much different than The Chasm, however. While they still have the same idea of riff based death metal, Darkness Eternal forgo the strange, outlandish melodies and web like song structures. Instead, Darkness Eternal go straight for the jugular, providing an assault of relentless blackened riffing that's guaranteed to get you headbanging. Don't think that this is all brutality, however. There are some clean guitar sections and melodic leads thrown in the mix to break up the monotony a bit. This is all backed up by a percussive onslaught to keep the momentum going.

This album offers a nice slab of riffy, diabolic blackened death metal that delivers exactly what it intends to. Definitely give this album a shot.

Darkness Conquers All
Worship Us
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