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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
No i can say Omni was like that, but I loved Omni, The new Minus The Bear isn't really keyboard heavy, it's the instrumentation of Planet of Ice with the son quality of Omni. That's a win to me.

That is a fair assessment, and you are right to an extend. Except rather then giving it a rating for all time use, when I rate an album a 9.5 or 10, I usually just mean that more towards the best of the year rather then the best ever (although one album in particular is one of my favorites of all time)

But I probably won't rate my top 20, as they are my top 20. Rating them the highest seems redundant
I enjoyed OMNI but it is probably my least favorite of theirs. I agree that the new album is a good blend of their different eras.

Makes sense, thanks for the clarification.
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