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Originally Posted by Sanitarium78 View Post
I've only seen In Flames on Mayhem last year, but it's hard for any band, especially in a smaller GA venue to follow Hatebreed. The energy they bring and the way they get the crowd constantly moving from the opening note to the last is something i've rarely ever seen in all my concert going years. LOG is one of the few bands that could follow Hatebreed and match them when it comes to that. Maybe that's why In Flames is on before LOG, that way the crowd can get a breather before smashing each other to bits again. If Hatebreed was on for the whole tour I think they would be the main support act, there's no way In Flames is more popular than them.
I completely agree with this, and seems logical. I think the last time I saw LoG the line up was Hatebreed / Five Finger Death Punch / LoG. That played out in a similar fashion, but with some actualy boos for FFDP.

On a side I got to see all 4 bands last night and enjoyed everyone. My preference would have been Sunken Gardens, but backstage wasn't as packed as I thought it would be. I overheard someone say they are moving the Deftones concert here too, and that I would assume will have a lot more people.
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