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Originally Posted by greenReaper View Post
Surprised me too that you didn't like Cattle Decap but you loved SFU. However I'm more surprised there hasnt been more bashing from this site about that or about the lack of song names in the set list! However I do appreciate an honest review, great you had a good time! One of the reasons I love Cattle Decapitation is because of how much is going on in each song. Often times you hear new things throughout each listen.
They have completely different sounds- Cattle Decapitation, IMO, was just noise. Six Feet Under had actual song structures that I was able to detect and headbang to.

I do feel bad about not knowing a lot of songs, but I did the best I could

I was glad I got to see CD live because it's good to be exposed to different styles- not someone I would have gone to see headline, but more of a mind broadening experience
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