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Originally Posted by Sinister_Chalupa666 View Post
Show was moved from Sunken Gardens(couple thousand person venue) to Backstage Live(couple hundred person venue) for some odd reason. Never gave an explanation on why they moved it but it was for the better

Got in for free since I won a contest through facebook


Ended up missing them


Slayed! Brought the crowd energy up and Jasta was making the crowd eat out of the palm of his hands. They played the usual songs like they always do and said they will have a new album in January. So look for a headlining tour around that time.

In no order and for the love of me I can't remember what else they played.

Live For This
I Will Be Heard
To The Threshold
In Ashes They Shall Reap
Destroy Everything
Everyone Bleeds Now


All the energy that was brought from Hatebreed and the crowd pretty much went out the window. People were just standing around and mildly headbanging and cheering. They were decent live but I think Hatebreed should have been above them for this reason. Anders took someone's camera and started recording with it during their set. Was pretty cool.

Fun fact: Anders hates iphones lol.

Sounds of a Playground Fading
Delight and Angers
Where the Dead Ships Dwell
Reroute to Remain
Embody the Invisible
Cloud Connected
The Mirror's Truth
Deliver Us
Take this Life
My Sweet Shadow

Lamb of God

This band has had one foot out of the door from just falling apart at one point, but HOLY SHIT!!!!! They fucking slayed live. I guess Randy being in jail in a different country has revived him and made him appreciate things more or something. He was just on fire and he sounded AMAZING! Like old school LOG amazing. Shit, the whole band was just on their game tonight. Everyone was full of life and energy and just bringing it. Haven't seen this kind of performance from them in sometime now and i'm glad they are back to their old self.

The pits were brutal and all over the place. Everywhere I turned there was a big pit with bodies flying left and right. No one was safe from LOG and the crowd and it was just an excellent site to see. Highlights were Omerta and 11th Hour for damn sure. 11th Hour was just sick live and had been so long since they played it. If they are coming to town then you better go. LOG IS BACK BABY

Drum Intro
Ghost Walking
Walk With Me In Hell
Set to Fail
Now You've Got Something To Die For
Eleventh Hour
The Undertow
The Passing
In Your Words
Laid to Rest
Black Label

All tour shirts were $30, hoodies $50, and some shirts here and there for $25. Now the real shocker was what I saw from the LOG merch. My jaw dropped to the floor when I saw this...

Did you get any pics of the hoodies?
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