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Foreign Objects - Universal Culture Shock/Undiscovered Numbers & Colors

This is a band that I've recently discovered. I'm sure most of you are familiar with the band CKY. Well, this is Jess Margera's pre-CKY band, and if you come into this expecting alternative rock, you're gonna be thrown a HUGE curveball.

What we have here is a nice piece of progressive/technical death metal with some elements of math rock thrown in the mix. Imagine Anata or Quo Vadis mixed with Breadwinner or Don Caballero, and you have an idea of what this sounds like. Deron Miller's shows how much of a versatile musician he is. His vocals resemble the ones he uses in his current melodic death metal group World Under Blood, utilizing a raspy scream, although his vocals here seem to linger more in the back. His guitar playing here is obviously much more technical than that of CKY, and even moreso than in World Under Blood. There's traditional death metal riffing, more melodic death style riffs, and more techy, proggy riffs, with some technical soloing to tie this package together. The guitarwork is anything but mindless wank, however, as all off the riffs and leads are very catchy and memorable. Jess Margera's drumming here is more creative than it was with CKY. He throws in some nice jazzy fills and time changes, but also knows when to be a backbone for all of the tasty riffs on display.

If you are a fan of Jess Margera or Deron Miller's projects, or any type of progressive or technical metal, do yourself a favor and check out this underrated gem!

Universal Culture Shock
Diengage the Simulator
Far Cry Behind

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