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Ibanez RG 270
Washburn 7 string (Can't remember the full title, but it's no longer made and cost 700 at launch 7 years ago)
Crafter acoustic

I have a new Ibanez premium winging it's way to me at the moment, it's going to be fixed bridge and it's part of the 2012 line!

I have a Marsshall 250 DFX, not the best in the world, but it does the job for jamming and impromptu party shows.

Vox wah
Boss AC-2

Both of these are beautiful pieces of gear, I LOVE the AC-2 especially. I like writing/jamming Opeth inspired material, and that pedal just makes the dynamics of what I can write/string together so much wider!

Pod 2.0

I will be getting a Pod x3 at some point in the new year to re-record all my demos and release some music for people to check out, but for a diving board, this is perfect. I just use it to record ideas and then send them to musician buddies/have a go at producing myself.

Nothing fancy or particularly professional, but I'm happy!
Yesterday don't mean SHIT.
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