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Originally Posted by MPF View Post

105.) Minus The Bear- Infinity Overload

A band that did start from the ashes of the Mathcore band Botch, to become one of the biggest Indie bands around. Quite a switch eh? since the album Planet Of Ice, in my humble opinion, these guys have only gotten better and better. They have found their niche and are sticking with it, and they don't need to change from it. While it takes a lot for me to like Indie Rock, there is more to it than that with Minus The Bear. There is Prog and Alternative Rock and very tasteful keyboards in the right spots. I love these guys and I think fans of Alternative Prog should love Minus he Bear as well. it will be right up your alley.


I really need to give this a listen. I loved Planet of Ice, but from what I heard of Omni I was disappointed in their direction. That said, I should probably give Omni a few full listens too! From what I remember, Omni seemed a lot more keyboard-heavy and poppy than Planet of Ice. Is that the case, or am I on glue?
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