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Glad to see this thread taking off...somewhat! I have a variety of guitars, however the guitar I play out of more than any of them is also the one that's been "customized" a lot - my Omen 6 (2005 Schecter, not a 2011 cheap piece of crap ). It has:

- A Seymour Duncan JB bridge pickup.
- A Gibson Burstbucker ripoff (originally a Hamer bridge pickup) in the neck position. Originally, the pickups were a stock neck and an Invader ripoff in the bridge position with a split wire somewhere in it, causing an annoying hum.
- A satin finish, with duct tape covering the cracked finish by the input jack.
- Three stickers - a One-Eyed Doll sticker by the knobs, a DRI sticker next to it, and an "I Own You - Turn it Off!" TV sticker by the neck pickup.
- Two "Tone" knobs (it came with no knobs, so I bought two that fit it...and they just happened to be tone knobs).
- Strap locks with a leather strap I had lying around.

Counting the stickers, I spent about $98 on it ($59 for the pickup, $10 for the neck pickup, $20 for the strap locks, $5.50 for the knobs, $3.50 for the stickers), and I still need a good hardshell case for it. I may yank the Grover tuners off an old warped neck for it too, plus there's going to be the inevitable touring scars on it someday. Next in line to be "fixed up" is my C1+, and I'll post the progress made on it here someday too...
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