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I have six guitars. Two of which are decent.
1. a La Patrie acoustic I bought twenty years ago. A decent guitar with a very soft sound. I don't know if they make them anymore but I know La Patrie, Quebec where it was made was destroyed in a flood in the mid-1990's
2. a Fender Stratocaster Squire (yes, a mexiStrat). Black and white, but covered with stickers and shit scratched into it. Again, I bought it twenty years ago when I really wanted an electric guitar and that was all I could afford.
3. a Simon & Patrick 12 string acoustic. It's probably the guitar I play the least but it's really good and has really good sound.
4. an Ibanez Gio bass (jet black) that I got around ten years ago. It's a good bass but I always tend to play it like a guitar.
5. my pride and joy; my Jackson King-V (jet black). Not the best guitar by any stretch but it was the guitar I dreamed of having since I was a teenager.
6. a Jackson JS Dinky (dark blue) that I just bought off my brother for $50. It's a nice guitar, plays well but doesn't hold it's tune very well.

I've never been a gear-head. My amp is an old Fender Princeton that I bought fifteen years ago, again because it was the biggest thing I could afford. Pedal-wise all I have is a Boss Digital Delay that's really good, an MRX Blue Box that's awesome if you play stoner rock and a Digitech Death Metal pedal that I bought hoping to get the sound I was looking for fifteen years ago and was very disappointed. I think it's actually broken but I never bothered to fix it.

I'd love to get into buying stuff again but I have two children and a mortgage so I just can't

One thing I've learned over all my years of wasting money is SAVE UP FOR WHAT YOU REALLY WANT! Just because you have $500 now, save another $500 and get the guitar or amp that you really want. Even if it means waiting another year. Don't settle for anything or else you'll be like me, an old man who rushed and never found the sound he wanted and is now stuck with a bunch of gear that he doesn't really like.

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