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Kreator -- Antwerp, Belgium -- November 1st, 2012

  1. Kafir
  2. Sacrifice unto sebek
  3. Hittite dung incantion
  4. Enduring the eternal molestation of flame
  5. Supreme humanism of megalomania
  6. Permitting the noble dead to descend to the underworld
  7. Sarcophagus
  8. Black seeds of vengeance

Morbid angel:
  1. Immortal rites
  2. Fall from grace
  3. Rapture
  4. Maze of torment
  5. Sworn to the black
  6. Existo vulgoré
  7. Nevermore
  8. Lord of all fevers & plague
  9. Chapel of ghouls
  10. Where the slime live
  11. Blood on my hands
  12. Bil ur-sag
  13. God of emptiness

  1. Intro (Personal Jesus by Johnny Cash & mars mantra)
  2. Phantom antichrist
  3. From flood into fire
  4. Enemy of God
  5. Phobia
  6. Hordes of chaos (a necrologue for the elite)
  7. Civilization collapse
  8. Voices of the dead
  9. Extreme aggression
  10. People of the lie
  11. Death to the world
  12. Endless pain
  13. Pleasure to kill

  14. Violent revolution
  15. United in hate
  16. Betrayer
  17. Flag of hate
  18. Tormentor


- Pretty sure that it was sold out
- Morbid Angel was one of the most brutal shows I've ever seen. The new songs sound much better live.
- I can now finally say that I'm a Kreator fan.
- Still don't like Nile, musically it's not even that bad, but the vocals kill it for me. And a few "midtempo" songs won't hurt.
- Missed Fueled By Fire, so if anyone has got the setlist?

Hell yeah!!!!

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