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Originally Posted by brutal_descent View Post
Silence, fool! Black Dahlia sets can be too short, but never lame. Not with the high quality performances they give.
Yeah, but I've seen them nine times, like six or seven times headlining, so I want some variety, dammit! They're still gonna be fun as shit, but the short set is gonna be kinda lame.

Originally Posted by emmeff1973 View Post
I can't believe that Machine Head is not headlining this show! They are much better and I would think have a way larger following than Dethklok
They definitely do not have a larger following. I mean, Machine Head has seniority, but Dethklok attracts fans of not only the music, but the TV show as well. Plus, of course, Dethklok IS better anyway.

Also, what the fuck does that sticker say? It's also on one of the shirt designs and I can't decipher it.
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