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Dethklok -- Silver Spring, MD -- November 2nd, 2012

The show started ridiculously early, 6:30pm, and was over before 11pm. Because it was a week day and traffic in this area sucks, I totally missed the first two bands, The Black Dahlia Murder and Machine Head. Due to Hurricane Sandy, this was the first show of the tour. Below I've posted the Dethklok and All That Remains set lists and I've posted photos of the merch as well so you can see what they've got and for how much (hint, merch wasn't cheap). Click any of these photos to see them larger.

Here's the Dethklok set list:

Intro Video
I Ejaculate Fire
Tribunal Video
Facebones/Lady Video
Coffee Video
Rockso Video
CFO Video
The Gears
The Galaxy
Encore/Plot Wrap Video
Go Into The Water
Crush The Industry

All That Remains set list:

This Calling
Dead Wrong
Aggressive Opposition
Hold On
Down Through The Ages
Stand Up
Become The Catalyst
Some Of The People All Of The Time
Two Weeks

Merch Photos:

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