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Originally Posted by MPF View Post

98.) Swallow The Sun- Emerald Forest And The Blackbird[/b]

Oh yes, Folk Metal. This is an album i am once again surprised not to see more people drooling over. This may very well be their finest work and it feels as though it fell to the wayside. It has impeccable musicianship and songwriting and damn good production at that. The only downside I can see for some people is the length of the songs, but given that it is Swallow the Sun, what did you expect? Give this very underrated album a chance, it deserves it.

Enjoying your very thorough list, MPF! Just one question though: Swallow the Sun - folk metal?! Granted, I haven't heard the new album, but everything else I heard of theirs was doom/death. Did they do something different this time around?
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