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Originally Posted by MPF View Post
120.) Axel Rudi Pell- Circle Of The Oath[/b]

80's inspired Heavy Metal with the element of Power Metal in the background. Axel does it again. I really dig this a lot. Its much more laid back and straight forward then your power Metal albums, but much heavier then 80's Glam Rock and Hard Rock. it's a good throwback to the days of your (or however it is spelled in this example). Give it a shot if you haven't heard Axel before because you should. And he is the one Axel that is guaranteed not to let you down with a Chinese Democracy.

How does this compare to some of his other stuff? I listened to a few songs on youtube but wasn't all that impressed, although I'm a huge fan of Nasty Reputation, Eternal Prisoner, The Masquerade Ball, and Kings and Queens (haven't heard any others).
6/01 - Primal Fear (?)
6/04 - Untimely Demise
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