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Originally Posted by powerslave_85 View Post
This is the best fucking thing that's ever happened to the Star Wars franchise. And I'll just say this once: Disney, if you put out the original, unaltered trilogy on Blu-Ray, I will give you ALL OF MY FUCKING MONEY.
Everyone's begging for this, honestly, why are you people even asking? It's business suicide for Disney NOT to do it. When they put it out, I wouldn't be surprised if they make over a billion dollars from it. Even if all of George's alterations were universally loved by the fans to the point where they made the unaltered films look inferior from an artistic perspective, they'd still do it. If I was head of Disney and George put some kind of "you will not 'un-alter' the trilogy" clause in the sale contract, I'd tell him to go fuck himself, or at least hack a billion off the deal.
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