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71.) Towards Darkness- Barren

Funeral Death Metal...It's slow, it's heavy, it's depressing as all hell; but when it's done right its one of the most rewarding musical genres to enjoy. It's like watching Breaking Bad, there are parts of it that are quite slow, but it always builds up and the impact moments take your breath away. That's what Towards Darkness has done with barren. it's only 4 songs, 3/4th of them over the 10 minute mark. It's a hard genre to get into, especially if you have A.D.D. But that said if you take the time it is so rewarding, and that's how I feel about Barren. Give it a fair chance and ti will be worth it!


72.) Fornorst Arnor- The Death Of A Rose

If Opeth kept up in the style of Still Life, it would be this album. Its a very depressing Progressive Death Metal album with a major Opeth vibe. Along with acoustic passages, death inspired lyrics *as the album title suggests* and overall a hauntingly beautiful soundscape. It is a great album for fans of this style, which I know I am, and it should please anyone who misses this era of Opeth.


73.) Behold...The Arctopus- Horrorsension

With their 2nd full length, the masters of WTF? Metal are back. Every single song is utterly and baffling insane. Anyone who can cover a song off this album is definitely a master of their craft. The songs like a lot of Math Metal and Avant Garde Metal is quite hard to get into if you aren't already a fan of the genre, but if you can get into it.....WOAH! Again this is another album that's fits in the "Can't listen to it all in one sitting" category, but a couple songs here and there definitely fits the mood. Did I mention how insane this album is?


74.) Shadows Fall- Fire From The Sky

For the last couple Shadows Fall albums I was kinda lost. They aren't bad albums but not really my bag either. Shadows fall won me back over again with Fire From The Sky. It's back to being a pure Thrash/Metalcore album which is what made me a fan in the first place. Considering they are currently on a headlining tour for this album, I hope it will win them back some fans that have been gone for a while as they deserve to be playing to good size crowds and kicking ass everywhere in the country. Needless to say if you miss the days of The Art Of Balance, they are back and in greater numbers!


75.) Krisiun- Arise From Blackness

A very damn Raw and Groovin' Death Metal album from one of my favorite Death Metal bands. as much brutality is on this album it is balanced out with a lot of groove in the right spots, some flamenco guitars and even some speed punk vocals near the end. It is a fantastic fast and heavy album that any real Death metal fan will love. And once again it is very, very raw. Gotta love it.


76.) The Darkness- Hot Cakes

A not so guilty pleasure of mine is The Darkness. They write badass Rock And Roll. When I heard they got back together, I couldn't have been happier because I know they have it in them to keep writing badass Rock and Roll. Hot Cakes is no different. This is the current band from England that should be selling out arenas in the states, not Muse (I'll get to them later). Its very solid all the way through and every song just as catchy in a good way. When you need a break from Prog and Metal, check this one out! It fits the mood for any time you want a good time!


77.) Aborted- Global Flatline

Absolutely Brutal Death Metal and Grindcore. Aborted is definitely not a band for the faint of heart. This album in particular feels like a global assault from start to finish, just as the title implies. Amongst all the brutality shown, there is a lot of melodies as well, which is not something you'd normally expect from this genre. It fits the mood if you want some controlled chaos, while killing zombies and stuff. haha


78.) Meldrum- Lifer

The last album from guitarist, Michelle Meldrum. This was written all the way back in 2008 before she was sent to the hospital and found a cystic growth on her brain that inevitably killed her. Lifer was finally finished and released this year in tribute to her, and it is a fantastic female fronted band. Gene Hoglan, in one of his many albums he recorded this year, played on this doing a fantastic job as well. It is a very groovy Heavy Metal album, SYL meets Motorhead, more aligning with Motorhead. Make sure to give this album a good listen to hear that awesomeness that was Meldrum.


79.) Siamese Fighting Fish- Breathe: See: Move

Another great Alternative Prog band that HIGHLY deserves attention. Like another great band that will get mentioned soon enough, For The Imperium, Siamese Fighting Fish is the kind of bands that stays in a catchy, light hearted style while staying heavy and exploring new territories. I love it when a band can explore different genres while still having a core element (core as in a central sound, not "core" as in hardcore, deathcore, etc). THis is a very fun listen and deserves a lot of attention. Check this stuff out!


80.) My Dying Bride- A Map Of All Our Failures

One of the Masters of Doom Metal are back in My Dying Bride. As they do on every album, they prove they know how to write a dark, beautiful Doom Metal album. While with most Doom Metal there is no real diversity in the sound, it flows together quite nicely and always fits when you need some Dark depressing Metal playing through your speakers. Give it a spin, it feels very underrated already!

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