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Pentagram -- London, England -- November 1st, 2012

Relentless Tour
Venue: The Garage
Support: Hark

Gentlemans Pistols (20:30-21:05)
Living In Sin Again
Comfortably Crazy
Widow Maker
Some Girls Don't Know What's Good For Them
Personal Fantasy
I Wouldn't Let You
Lying And Fooling
The Ravisher

Pentagram (21:30-22:50)
Death Row
All Your Sins
Wolf's Blood
Sign of The Wolf (Pentagram)
The Ghoul
Forever My Queen
You're Lost, I'm Free
The Deist
Run My Course
Treat Me Right
20 Buck Spin
Dying World
Relentless / Nothing Left

2/7 Alice Cooper
3/7 Alice Cooper
17/7 Ripper Owens
24/7 Scorpions
6/8 Queensryche

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