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Disney buys Lucasfilm

So, what are the opinions here? I can see good and bad.

-obviously, more movies will get made. And I've been of the opinion for years that George Lucas is an absolute moron (see. 1997 extended editions, Jar Jar Binks) so hopefully someone decent will get put in charge and make a really good movie. You can say what you want about it being Disney, but haven't they made some really stellar movies with the Marvel license?

-the product will get watered down, big time. New movies will be great, but new movies every two or three years will get real old fast.
-my biggest problem is the merchandising. There was already so much Star Wars crap out there, but now there's just going to be overload. Cross promotion stuff is especially going to make me sick. I'm prepared to see a LOT of Mickey Mouse dressed as Han Solo, Donald Duck as Darth Vader, and Goofy with a lightsaber. That cow is going to get MILKED.
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