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Rubin's methods made those early Slayer & Danzig records sound great imo. I think Sabbath is a very raw sounding, primative modern technology, no frills band (except for Ozzy's sure to be autotuned, layered vocals). I think Rubin's methods will enhance the riffs and guitar tone of Iommi and allow Geezer's bass lines to be more prevelant than on the Devil You Know (great album but I thought Iommi's tone was too slick & muddied with Geezer's bass at times). The drums will probably suffer some due to lack of reverb. Overall I think he is one of the best choices for a great sounding Black Sabbath album. I don't think he will steer them in the wrong direction. Afterall, this is the same guy who turned the trainwreck known as Metallica back in the right, heavier direction.
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