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61.) The Samuel Jackson Five- The Samuel Jackson 5

Yup, this is based on Samuel L. Jackson and the Jackson 5. But it's all Post Rock with a little bit of Electronica. Europe is one of the few ears of the world that can combine Electronica to music and not have it suck. There is nothing really on this album that really stands out to me other then the fact that it is a very solid album. I like to think of it if 65daysofstatic kept the post rock in their sound instead of abandoning it for Electronica and also with occasional vocals. It's great stuff.


62.) Exotic Animal Petting Zoo- Trees Of Tongues

Very Experimental Post Hardcore combine with some Prog. If Mr Bungle went to Hot Topic. Musically, this is a great album but the vocals do ruin it for me. For those that love Post Hardcore this is right up your alley vocally. Its worth a listen if you think you might dig it, for me, I was hoping to like it more then I did, which really didn't happen.


63.) Fear Factory- The Industrialist

As the name suggest, this is the most Industrial sounding Fear Factory album in quite some time. Its a good album. I'm quite bummed that there isn't real drums on this album. But I am glad they have a real drummer live, or else that would have been incredibly lame. Musically, I do like Mechanize a lot more, but The Industrialist. The one turn off on this album more then anything is the instrumental 9 minute final track that goes absolutely nowhere. Much like Strapping Young Lad's Alien where Info Dump was just synths and guitar distortion and feedback. Maybe I'm just missing out on something? But it is a good album sans those aspects, Fear factory fans should love this album!


64.) Carach Angren- Where The Corpses Sink Forever

Experimental Black Metal. It can sometimes come out sounding like a complete cluster, other times it comes off brilliant. This occasion it comes out brilliant. This is one of the finest Black Metal albums to come out this year. its not just about blast beats, shrieking vocals and tremolo picking. There is a lot going on in this album that anyone with an open mind can appreciate. it's really hard to describe the album further then that without hearing the album for yourself. Go for it, If you dig Black metal you will love this.


65.) T.R.A.M.- Lingua Franca

Ah yes. 2/3s of Animals As Leaders, the Saxophonist of The Mars Volta and Drummer Eric Moore. This is a Fusion band that was destined to happen. This all instrumental album is a great mixture of all 3 of the styles these bands represent into a Instrumental Fusion Rock band. No one overplays on this album, so its not really free form Fusion, but it is very damn tasteful. it only really loses steam on the last song, Inverted Ballad, where there is no drums at all. Other then that its perfection. I highly recommend this if you love tremendous musicianship though powerful Fusion


66.) Soen- Cognitive

Tool meets Opeth. There is no better way to describe this band. Martin Lopez, formerly of Opeth wanted to start playing again so he formed this group to get back out there and play again. While all the songs on the album are good in their own right, its not very imaginative. Mikael Akerfeldt singing over Aenima. To most Prog Metal fans, that's a double dip cream dream. for me...I've never really been that much into Tool, just not my bag. But that said the musicianship is awesome and Martin Lopez is indeed a monster on this album. I'm hoping by the time of their next album they will expand on their sound. Or perhaps this will be their niche?


67.) Yakuza- Beyul

This is definitely a good example of Avant Garde Metal. Its a collective hodgepodge of Metal and other influences. Much heavier than something like Kayo Dot but just as experimental and messed up as Sleepytime Gorilla Museum. Its not an album you can really digest in one sitting unless you are major fans of Merzbow or Boris or Dog Fashion Disco. For Experimental Music, this may be one of the highlights of the year....if you are into it!


68.) Akphaezya- Anthology IV: The Tragedy Of Nerak

And inspeaking of Experimental Avant Garde Music, take everything I said above for Yakuza, and add a female lead singer and bit less Heaviness and you get this band. This really is Sleepytime Gorilla Museum meets UneXpect. Is very much a mindfuck of an album, but in a very sexy way. If you are feeling a bit frisky for Avant Garde Metal fronted by a frontwoman, check this out, its definitely a circus of music.


69.) Dantalion- Return To Deep Lethargy

Not the sexiest album to have come up for number 69, although someone out there will think so, haha. This is some more of the Atmospheric Black Metal that I love. It also has a mid era Paradise Lost feel at times amongst the Black Metal going on. its very dark and atmospheric. The one thing that does drive me away from this album, despite how good the music is, is the vocals. That is something that doesn't happen to me often. It has a barking dog feeling that doesn't really fit in my eyes. But its worth it for the music alone. Not the best Atmospheric Black Metal album to come out this year, but worthy of at least a listen.


70.) God Forbid- Equilibrium

Metalcore album of the year, its not even an option. God Forbid has always been one of my favorite Metalcore bands along with Shadows Fall. For a couple albums, they lost me. but Equilibrium brought me back in a HUGE way. Scraping The Walls is one of my favorite songs of the year. Besides the Metalcore sound that will always be in their sound, there is a lot of elements of Prog, Death Metal, hell in catchy rock and blues type solos. This is a band that I find criminal that they aren't at Lamb Of God type popularity, they should be, and Equilibrium should be regarded as one of the best albums of the year. yes it didn't make my top 20, but it's in my Top 25.

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