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51.) Bend Sinister- Small Frame

Canadian Alternative Prog Rock. It is damn cool stuff. I have been a fan of these guys for a few years now, and only recently have they gotten any kind of attention since Mike Portnoy Tweeted about them. This is a killer album all the way through, but really picks up near the end of the album. I would describe them as Spock's Beard with the quirkiness of The Mars Volta. Its a great album to check out if you want a roller coaster of a Prog Rock album.


52.) Stealing Axion- Moments

If Fates Warning and Periphery joined up in a band, you'd get Stealing Axion. I honestly couldn't be more impressed with these guys. Yes there is a lot of Djenty moments throughout the album, but there is so many great Atmospheric Progressive Rock moments that just makes everything flow together so well. There is a lot of Ray Adler style vocal moments as well, which I am always a sucker for. Since Djent will be around for a little bit longer till the heard starts to get thinned down, I hope it starts going in this direction, like The Contortionist started doing. If this is the future of Progressive Metal, I love where it is going.


53.) Skyharbor- Blinding White Noise: Illusion And Chaos

Wow, a lot of my favorite non Top 20 albums are popping up right now. Like Stealing Axion there is some Chug Chug Djent Djent riffs throughout this album, BUT this album is way more than that. It is a Pure Progressive Metal album that is one of the most impressive debuts to come out in quite some time. If Marty Friedman wants to do a guest solo on your album, you are doing something right. If you have a prejudice against any music with Chugs in it, this album should be able to throw that out the window. This is so damn good. I should also note, it's all clean vocals, just another reason to check this out!


54.) Serj Tankian- Harakiri

If it wasn't for the politics on this album, this would be in my top 10 albums of the year. But since it is so heavily layered in Politics, it didn't even crack my top 30. I KNOW I KNOW, don't start with me on political issues. I have my own opinions, I just keep them out of music. And I am fully aware that is what everyone attached to System Of A Down does. But musically, this is a brilliant record. the most rocking album Serj has been a part of since Toxicity. There isn't a weak point musically, and Serj's vocal styling is the best in years as well. It just makes me wish that he would start singing about abstract ideas again. Oh well...


55.) Empires Of Eden- Channeling The Infinite

A power Metal supergroup to say the least. Some of the biggest names in Power Metal are covered on this album including one of my favorite singers of all time Sean Peck of Cage. This is a very epic Power Metal album that covers the entire gambit of the genre. Its very damn heavy and every song fits together so well. Its too bad this project is the way it is, because of how many singers are on this album, they won't be able to tour. I would have loved to have seen this stuff live, Especially the songs sang by Sean Peck. Any real Power Metal fan should pick this up immediately! I can't imagine you being disappointed by this.


56.) Wake Of Redemption- Earthshake

There's no better feeling to me then discovering a brand new Progressive Metal band I never heard of before and enjoying the hell out of them. That is Wake Of Redemption for me. Very much in the vein of similar named Redemption, Wake Of Redemption divulges into more styles then just Prog Metal. The title track for examples covers a lot of Blues Rock territory in the solo. I should add there is some Screams on this album, but like nude art, its done very tastefully and done at the right spots. And unlike a lot of screams, you can actually understand the words being said. I hope these guys make it far. They are too damn good not to!


57.) Maladie- Plague Within

If Iron Maiden started making Black Metal, it would be Maladie. This is very layered in Maiden and of course the tremolo picking and blast beats that are Black metal. I think it very well could be the next phase of Black Metal once the Atmospheric Black Metal dies down a bit (Although I don't think that will go away, at least I hope not). Its very intricate throughout and some very brilliant songwriting. If you dare venture to know what would happen when you mix Iron Maiden and Emperor. Check out Maladie!


58.) Fozzy- Sin and Bones

I never really checked out Fozzy until this year. I just had a feeling it would be cheesy Hard Rock that I just wouldn't care about. And again, I was proven wrong. This is a very damn solid Hard Rock album, a throw back to the 80's Hard Rock (not Glam Rock) scene, all while staying contemporary. a rare feat to pull off. Chris Jericho and Co. really know how to write classic Hard Rock in today's world. I really dig it a lot.


59.) Chapel- Satan's Rock And Roll

Speed Metal, Black Metal and Motorhead style Rock and Roll. It is a great combination. Yes it is a cheesy Satanic Metal album. But the music more than makes up for it. It is exactly as I described it, and it is a very fun listen to when you just wanna be metal and party. Give it a spin if you got some PBR and all your metal friends are coming over tonight!


60.) Earthlimb- Origin

This is exactly how I would want Scale The Summit to sound if they ever incorporated vocals. It is very tasteful mastery of Progressive Rock and Metal, not overbearing on scale and "LOOK WHAT I CAN DO" style riffs. It feels like great Prog Rock and Metal written for fans of Rock and metal. As I said, check this one out if you want Scale The Summit with vocals.

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