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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
Album #4: Blaze Bayley - The King of Metal
March 8, 2012

This is an album that was largely panned by most people. I'll admit, there are a lot of warts on this one. The production is bad, the lyrics can be awful at points, and the backing band clearly does not have the chops of Blaze's past lineups. Despite all this, I really enjoyed this album. Blaze's vocals are great and he has some really interesting melodies on this record. Dimebag is probably the best track on the album although the vocals on the title track, the Rainbow Fades To Black, and One More step are really interesting as well. One thing that might have made me like this album more than most people is that I didn't get it until it had been out for months and my expectations were pretty freakin' low after reading all the reviews. So the album really didn't have to try hard to exceed expectations.

I still don't understand why Blaze dumped his band because the last album was great. I don't think any lineup will top the original one that was responsible for Silicon Messiah and The Tenth Dimension in terms of songwriting ability and musicianship but the last lineup seemed to be improving quickly. Madness and Sorrow was a giant step up from The Man Who Would Not Die. So, yeah, a shame to see Blaze starting over yet again. I think this album could have been much better with a stronger band. As it stands, this is his worst album. However, if you're a big fan of Blaze's vocals you'll find some enjoyable material here. Oh, and the cover art is sweet.

7.75. Which technically makes it a better record than Resolution. It's not really that the musicianship is better, it's just that I've gotten more enjoyment out of this one.

I roughly agree. Worst Blaze album with many noticeable weak spots, but still delivers in crucial ways that I enjoy. The most annoying thing is not actually the low quality but the -shrink- in quality from a band that seemed to be improving (I agree that M&S was great).
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