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21.) Saint Vitus- Lillie: F-65

The legends of Stoner, Sludge, Doom Metal are back, and as strong as ever. Wino and co. released a 33 minute album, their first since 1995. The songs live are even better in a live setting but on record the songs definitely capture the 70's/80's Doom Metal that they made so recognizable. While a short album, it is an awesome record to kick back and relax to, and partake if you are into that kind of thing, I'm not but I know some are. definitely give this one a spin!


22.) The Elijah- I loved I Hated I Destroyed I Created

This is normally a style of music I wouldn't be into, but there is something about it that sucks me and doesn't let go. In short it does have a Post Hardcore, almost feel to it. But it's all done over Post Rock. A combination that on paper doesn't sound like it would work that well for guys like me, but upon listening to it, I'm drawn to it. Its a dark themed concept album like the title suggests. There is a big Deftones influence from it along with most Post Hardcore, but all while keeping a very Post Rock feel. Its definitely something I didn't expect to love, but I really, really do.


23.) Spawn Of Possession- Incurso

Spawn Of Possession is THE Technical Death Metal band. They were one of the real originators of the genres and innovated it to new heights. The great things about SOP is that they are never ever boring, no matter how many notes they hit and scales they can master. Each song sounds very fresh and indeed refreshing compared to most Tech Death bands out there today. for the real deal, for what it's all about this is the band to check out!


24.) Primal Rock Rebellion- Awoken Broken

A lot of people took a crap on this album, especially Maiden fans because they do not like the vocals coming from Sikth frontman Mikee Goodman. I being the huge Sikth fan that I am, LOVE the vocals on this album. the music isn't the most inspired to come out this year but it serves its purpose quite well, a great batch of badass Hard Rockin' songs. If you like Iron Maiden, and like Sikth, there's no excuse not to love this!


25.) All Hail The Yeti- All Hail The Yeti

The best way to describe this band is if Mastodon instead of going in a Prog route went into a Pantera style Groove Metalcore route. And also the kind of band Vinnie Paul should have made Hellyeah to be. This is a fantastic album from a great band. Its a very southern Groove Metal album with some Metalcore thrown in. This is another album that really is great in separate listens. Make sure to check this one out if you love Southern Groove Metal.


26.) Epica- Requiem Of The Indifferent

A great title because that's exactly how I feel about this one....indifferent. It's a very solid Epica release, and of course Simone is one of the hottest women in all of Metal, but this time around it feels like some new band progression wouldn't be a bad thing. But then again it could also very well be because it takes a lot for me to enjoy female fronted Symphonic metal. It's not bad by any means, just not reinventing any kind of wheels for Epica. But then again I suppose they don't really have to, they're Epica.


27.) Judgement Day- Polar Shift

Now THIS is String Metal. Those of you that think Apocalyptica is the best band of this style need to get your head examined. Judgement Day is a powerhouse trio from California who first blew me away back when they opened for Dredg in December 2008 and I have been a diehard fan ever since. Polar Shift is meant to be more of a mixture between their Metal sound and their acoustic sound, and I think it has been pulled off perfectly. Its quite heavy and laid back at the same time. I repeat if you want some REAL String METAL, check out Judgement Day, and make sure to check out Polar Shift! I still recommend their last album Peacocks/Pink Monsters the most, but this is second place!


28.) Bejelit- Emerge

DAAAAAAAAAAMN, now this is some HEAVY Power Metal. I guess you could almost categorize it as Extreme Power Metal. Dragonforce meets Symphony X with a bit of Mutiny Within thrown in. I'm honestly surprised I never heard of these guys until this year as they have been around for 10 years kicking ass. Check these guys out for some heavy, HEAVY, HEAVY Power Metal!


29.) Corrosion Of Conformity- Corrosion Of Conformity

The original COC is back and as Hardcore as ever. Gone are the days of the Pepper years. A lot of people are disappointed about it. I for one am not. I love both sides to COC and I've been waiting for them to get some of the hardcore roots back, and they finally did. The whole album is just a throw back to the late 80's Hardcore scene. Hardcore bands of today should take this album as a lesson of what to play. It's so damn good all the way through.


30.) Eclipse Eternal- The Essence Of Hopelessness

This is a very depressing, yet upbeat, Black Metal album. when you look at the song titles and when you can understand the lyrics, it is very raw and evil, yet the production is actually very damn it can't be real Black Metal right? haha. This is another example of a band I never would have discovered if it wasn't for my radio show, which I am truly grateful for. This is some killer Black Metal, and in this case, the pun is intended.


30 albums in just a few hours. I might be up for another ten later tonight. Still pondering the idea.
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