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Bob Dylan- Girl From The North Country
Iron Maiden- Transylvania
Darkthrone- The Dance of Eternal Shadows
Megadeth- Train of Consequences
Rush- Vapor Trail
The Beastie Boys- Johnny Ryall
AC/DC- For Those About To Rock
Triptykon- In Shrouds Decayed
Children of Bodom- Done With Everything, Die For Nothing
Mastodon- Crystal Skull
Overkill- It Lives
Baroness- Stretchmarker
Bathory- The Golden Walls of Heaven
Led Zeppelin- In The Evening
Neurosis- In The Evening
Motorhead- Burner
Children of Bodom- Trashed, Lost & Strungout
Anthrax- Discharge
Eric B. & Rakim- Don't Sweat The Technique
The Beatles- Revolver
Black Sabbath- Hole in The Sky (live)
Kreator- Bringer of Torture
Suffocation- Jesus Wept
The Clash- Brand New Cadillac
Metallica- The Shortest Straw
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