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Originally Posted by kalfitegrdan View Post
Most t-shirts at shows are between $15-$25 dollars which isn't really a rip off considering if you can get the shirts online, it's usually for about the same price, if not more (Especially European bands). The only real examples of rip offs are the big arena/amphitheater that charge anywhere between $30-$50. I personally will hardly ever buy a shirt for over $20.
Aha, so you get cheap shirts. That explains it. Shirts are almost never that cheap here. Yesterday Alice Cooper was charging 25 ($40), and it's by no means uncommon for club bands to do the same. The Overkill shirt I mentioned was 20 ($32). If someone has shirts at almost any gig in London for 10-15, it's a surprise. so obviously when a band does do that, it's a whole different consideration. At the Astral Doors show a few weeks ago they had shirts for their newest album, which weren't that great, and shirts for their previous album, which were awesome. At 10, I was more than happy to get one.

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