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Originally Posted by WOLVERINEKILLS View Post
After some research - according to Wikipedia google results - you are correct. It appears Overkill is more popular. They have sold 23 million albums worldwide compared to 10 million from Exodus.

I wouldn't be shocked that Overkill was more popular, I thought it would be a close contest. Not 13 million albums in difference. Thats shocking.
Overkill coming out with albums more consistantly thoughtout their career is probably why that number is so much bigger. Exodus has had some changes in vocalists, which always hurt a bands fanbase and they did take like a decade off after they toured for Force Of Habit. Not releasing anything new for that long puts a serious dent in a bands following to, esepcially when they're just a club band.

Besides being the better band, Overkill has never taken a long break from releasing albums. They still come out with new stuff about every two years and that helps to keep the fans around. Their last two albums being some of the best stuff they've done has probably helped them a lot to.

For this tour there is no doubt Testament would close out the show. Overkill just never reached the level Testament has. If the sales for Dark Roots is any indication, Testament is almost at the same level of popularity that Anthrax is right now.
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