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Album #3: Van Halen - A Different Kind of Truth
February 3, 2012

This was a very high-profile release for this year so I'm sure you've heard all the opinions on it before. I've heard everything from it absolutely sucks to it's a classic that should be played live in it's entirety. I don't agree with either of those at all. It's far from a classic but it's pretty good, especially considering how many years it's been since DLR and the Van Halens did an album together. I was worried when the first single was released because that shit does suck. "SEXY DRAGON MAGIC" Shut the hell up. Along with the horribly titled "Honeybabysweetiedoll", Tattoo is the worst song on the album. Stay Frosty is a bit on the stupid side too but it's enjoyable in a weird way.

I remember when the single was released it was said that tour dates would be following imminently, well I was on the way to the airport to go to New Delhi for two weeks so I was checking my girlfriend's smart phone right up to the time we parted for updates. And then I tried to buy a ticket to the DC show from a two-decade old PC with a connection slower than my 90's dial-up in Agra. Didn't work out and I missed out on the tour. Then they announced a show in my hometown this summer! And they cancelled it. One day...

Anyways, a decent album. Van Halen isn't my favorite but I enjoy them from time to time and I occasionally put this record on. So far my 2012 seems pretty underwhelming but it starts to pick up a bit from here. I'd give it a 7.5.
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