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They were in top form last night with the exception of guitar problems Chino was having at the beginning of "digital bath", it didn't seem like it was tuned properly. After about two minutes of the other guys just jamming out while it was fixed we finally were back in business.

Highlights for me were "knife party"and "rosemary"....the whole floor just seemed to be in a frenzy for "knife party" and chino even made his way into the crowd which i havent seen him do in awhile. "Rosemary" just sounded so crisp, it's definately my fav of the new songs. Haven't heard "Bored" played in sometime it was nice to hear it again as well as "bloody cape".

They slowed "hole in the earth" down and i didn't like it at all, it's never been one of my favorite songs by them to begin with slowing it down just made me like it even less.

Merch note, shit is expensive.... the hoodies runs $65.00 and t-shirts $35.00 which even as my favorite band seems a bit high. Overall a very good showing by the band, can't wait to hear the new album in 2 weeks.
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