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MPF's 2012 Year In Review

Yes, it is only October 29th. A lot of people would say that is way too early to start doing a review thread for 2012. Some have already started. But I think its the perfect time for me to get into the groove and show off the Best, Worst and Meh in music.

As you guys have to know by now with how much i promote it, I have a weekly syndicated radio show. One of the best and worst things about the show is getting promos. For the average person that's "FUCK YEAH, I DON"T HAVE TO PAY FOR MUSIC, WAAAAAAH HOOOOOOOO!" for me it's awesome to get to check out so many bands, but it is also a gigantic burden to try to get to every single album that I get. Including music I got as promos, albums I got from bands, music I got from labels, and music I bought myself Without including the music I have yet to load into iTunes. I have 45GBs.....yes, you read that right 45 GIGABYTES of music this year. Over 4700 songs!!!!

Don't get nervous I'm not reviewing all of them. By the time I got to do that It would 2015, and I wouldn't have had the chance to check out any of the music from 2013-2014 music scene. So instead what I will be doing is somewhat similar to what I have done in past years. I will be picking random albums from iTunes Shuffle and reviewing them based off of what pops up first. and review until I hit all the albums I wanna cover, or at least have been able to check out more then twice.

This excludes my Top 20 of year, which is set in stone at this point. The reason for that is on January 1st, 2013, my radio show will be airing my top 20 of 2012, and I will not be releasing those until then *Unless you read my Facebook, then you probably know what it all is*

Starting when i wake up tomorrow I will be making this thread start. My goal behind this is to show off some music you may not have known about otherwise. It is all set in Rock and Metal *It's all I have had time for this year*

I hope you guys will dig what you will read and discover new music!
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