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Album #2: Metallica - Beyond Magnetic
January 31, 2012

A decent release considering these are tracks that the band didn't think were good enough for the album. I'd say that Just A Bullet Away is actually better than a number of tracks on Death Magnetic despite the homoerotic "Suck, suck it till it's gone dry" line. Hate Train is also a good tune, the other two are pretty average. I think the songs on this EP suffer from the same problem as Death Magnetic (and almost all of Metallica's post-Black Album career), the songs are too damn long! If they cut them all in half then they'd be a lot better. Metallica's old songs have length but they go somewhere. It seems like from Load on Metallica just wrote long songs because they felt like they had to despite the fact that they often feel like they go absolutely nowhere. Oh, and the production sucks too. Probably my least favorite release this year but it's not horrendous. I'd give it a 6.5.
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