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09. UFOmammut - ORO: Opus Primum & Alter
(Neurot Recordings)

UFOmammut have been genre bending doomsters for close to fourteen years. The power trio combines elements of doom, sludge, progressive rock, psychedelic rock, krautrock and post rock to form their immense astral sound. After four albums of the same (yet great) sound. In order not to stagnate they wrote and released their most adventurous release to date in "Eve". A single 45 minute track that was split into five chapters. Taking the heaviness that made their older albums so crushing and trading it for a more atmospherically dynamic sound. While it still felt underdeveloped and incomplete, it was definitely a step in the right direction for them. Now with their 2012 releases "Opus Primum" and "Opus Alter" have combined the best of both worlds offering up 90+ minutes of the most heaviest and dynamic music they've ever made. Each song consisting of so many twist and turns its remarkable for music so slow and lumbering.
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