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Other than the covers section, I have no problem with this set. I get that he wants to pay tribute to some of his friends in the music buisness who have passed away with the covers. But when you've got almost 30 albums worth or original material wasting four spots on covers is a bad idea. Wasn't Desperado written as a tribute to Jim Morrison? That hasn't been done in a long time, i'd rather he play that one as his tribute to him instead.

At least from the newest album he's picked the better songs. Just add in I Am Made Of You and When Hell Comes Home then he's got all the listenable songs from W2MN in the set. I love that House Of Fire is finally being played again. That song was huge for him, just a little less popular than Poison was back when Trash came out. I have no clue why it hasn't been played in so long. I've always liked He's Back, hearing that song during the ending credits of Friday The 13th part 6 way back when actually got me interested in Alice.

I'm happy that Orianthi is still in the band. I thought maybe she would stick around for the NMMNG tour and then move on to something else. Any word on if she's a permanent member or not?
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