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Originally Posted by w00tasaurus View Post
Now for some awards for things that may be semi-serious or silly in the world of metal.

The Award for Best Musical Moment Not Already in My Top Ten List goes to...

Abigail Williams - Beyond the Veil, the bit starting around 8:10.
This is a band that has always seemed sort of decent to me but nothing great. Their 2012 album 'Becoming' is a huge change in style and it is a stellar record. So much better than their previous work, and this portion of the song exemplifies what I love about this album. Probably tied with Nachtmystium for my 2nd favorite black metal album of the year after Krallice.
this post right here just made me realize we can now embed youtube videos in posts
2/19 - 1349
2/26 - Nappy Dappy
3/8 - Title Fight
3/17 - New Found Glory
4/7 - Weedeater
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