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Originally Posted by anomynous View Post
Because refusing to tour unless you're the headliner seems egotistical. It appears they think they're more popular than they actually are.

Testament is definitely more popular, and so is Exodus. Overkill is on par with Death Angel in popularity.

With that said, I love Overkill & Testament, so I want to see this tour, and pretty badly too.
Not to me. For a band like Overkill, if they want to turn a tour down because they're not the headliner, all the power to them. They've only been doing this for 30 years or so. As far as who's more popular, yeah Testament is for sure (not buying Exodus though) but if a band doesn't want to be on a tour, take somebody else. Overkill will do their own tour instead and make the money they want to make.
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