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Red Fang -- San Francisco, CA -- October 27th, 2012

Me and my friend Ben made our way over to Slim's after meeting up by the train station and getting some grub. When we arrived the place was pretty empty, but it filled up over the course of night. Something else that was cool was that this was a no barrier show, which hasn't been the case with the last few shows I've gone to at Slim's. It made the show feel more intimate. They had the Giants game playing on a screen over the stage and we were the only people there who weren't paying attention to it. We were talking about school and stuff, catching up since last time we'd hung out. After a while of waiting, the screen rose and the first band came up.

The first band of the evening were Portland's Lord Dying. They're a sludge outfit that like many other sludge bands incorporate some elements of extreme genres like occasional blasts and tremolo picking riffs into their mix of heavy riffs. They were cool performers and were glad to be on the road. I'm not positive but I think this is their first national tour, so good for them. Their set was really enjoyable. Also, the bassist was using a fretless bass, so props. If you like bands like Bison. B.C., High on Fire, Encrust, etc, you'll more than likely enjoy Lord Dying.

Next up was Black Tusk. They came out with some Halloween spirit and were dressed in penguin outfits. The sound during Black Tusk wasn't as good as Lord Dying, but that's mainly because the bass was so prevalent in the mix. Shit was shacking the place. I couldn't hear the guitar too often, but it doesn't really matter because for the most part in Black Tusk's music the guitar and bass are doing the same thing. They were a really fun band to watch and the crowd got into it. About then minutes into their set is when the moshing started. I didn't recognize a lot of what the played, because I don't listen to 'em often, so I don't have a setlist. All I know is that they have a split with somebody coming out soon, I forget who. Fun time

Next was the band everybody came to see, Red Fang. By this time, the place had filled up pretty well. They started the set with their new song Crows in Swine. Then they went into Malverde, which more people recognized, so that's when the moshing started. It stuck around for the rest of the set, which I was cool with. The drummer threw a stick right be onto the stage, which my friend grabbed. But he gave it to me anyways. I would've grabbed had I noticed a second sooner, so it's like I got it anyways... Anywho, Red Fang were super tight as always. They had a great sound, were playing the songs really well and the little stage banter they had was funny as usual. They played a good mix of songs off the two records and a new song on top of Crows. It was overall a really fun time but wasn't quite like when I saw them the first two times. Then they were still really new to me and while I still enjoy them a lot now, they're not quite as exciting as they were back in 2011. Either way the show was lots of fun. $19 well spent. As usual after the set, the drummer took a picture of the crowd, marking my third appearance in a Red Fang crowd photo, yet again in the first row

Red Fang
Crows in Swine
Dirt Wizard
Bird on Fire
Painted Parade
Number Thirteen
Humans Remain Human Remains
Into the Eye
"Jaws" (New Song)
Good To Die
Prehistoric Dog
Hank is Dead
Throw Up

After the show I bought a CD and 7" from Lord Dying and talked to the bassist for a little bit. Overall, it was great night of good ol'e sludge metal.

Lord Dying: 7.5/10
Black Tusk: 7.25/10
Red Fang: 8.5/10
1/14 High on Fire
1/24 Ash Borer
2/4 BlackStorm Fest ft. Uada, Horrid, +more
2/8 Necrot
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