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Originally Posted by dcmetal108 View Post
He just looks different than he use to.
It just has to do with the different style masks and outfits he's worn during his career. Each little tweek has made him look slightly different, but it's always been the same guy. Let's not forget he's been with the WWE for 15 years now and nobody at age 45 will look exactly like they did at 30. He's still bald now, the mask he wears has hair attached to it. There's no way he grew that bald head out that fast. Listen when he talks to, that's still the same voice. He still executes his signature moves the same way to. Who else his size can do that flying clothesline off the top rope like he does?

In case anyone else is wondering, no, nobody else ever played the Ultimate Warrior except Jim Hellwig. That guy is legitimately out of his mind, he legally changed his name to Warrior and I think that's awesome.
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