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Originally Posted by IrritatedTrout View Post
At the expense of rare songs? Yes, there is. Hell, I've only seen Rush twice and I'll take the rare stuff over the hits. The hits are great but I've always been a deep cuts person. Keeps things more interesting, especially once you've seen a band a lot.

It should be noted that I fucking love Middletown Dreams though. I've been addicted to it since I got Power Windows.
They only dropped one deep cut in favor of a hit. It's not like they made some drastic setlist changes mid tour and decided to do a greatest hits set for the rest of it. Even with the addition of Limelight, the set is still more deep cut/new material heavy. This one change doesn't disturb the balance too much.

Middletown is a good song but both Limelight and Body Electric whoop it's ass. Middletown gets a lot of love in certian circles of the Rush fanbase, it's been that way for years. I really don't get it, it's my least favorite on Power Windows. With songs like Grand Designs, Manhattan Project, Marathon, Territories and Mystic Rythms, Middletown just doesn't stand out at all.
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